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International Keynote Speaker, Compère, Facilitator

"One of the Greatest Female Speakers"

- René Carayol MBE

"Smart, Funny, & Inspiring"

- Harper Collins

"A Talk To Change Your Mindset And Your Life

- The British Library

"Kim Really Hit The Right Note"

- BT



Kim Davis’ brand new collection of inspirational talks use the universal medium of movies to connect with audiences worldwide. 


From Talkies to Trekkies, she reveals how Hollywood films, and their stars, have influenced technology, innovation, culture, leadership, and business for over a century, and how you can apply their success to your own life today. 

Talks include: 

  • "Heroines Of Hollywood" 

  • "Success Secrets From The Silver Screen"

  • "Technology & Innovation Lessons From The Movies"


Kim is a professionally trained performer who has starred on the world’s most prestigious stages, from Carnegie Hall to The O2 Arena. 


Unlike most speakers, Kim interacts with audiences and provides comedic relief that keeps everyone fully engaged and entertained. Each talk is a well-crafted show with gripping stories, priceless advice, and moving inspiration. 


Kim’s talks are perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs, corporate climbers, future leaders, and anyone looking to make a positive shift.

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Kim Davis is a media maven who has worked in the entertainment industry for over 25 years and is a respected authority on The Arts including: music, theatre, dance, film, and television.  


She has written for publications, such as The Telegraph, and has appeared on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC radio, etc.


Originally from New York, Kim began her media career as a journalist, producer, and presenter for some of the largest TV & radio stations in the US.


Over the years, she has worked with hundreds of respected celebrities including Beyoncé, Andre Agassi, and Marc Jacobs, along with the CEOS of of the world’s largest banks and corporates, including: Volkswagen, Procter & Gamble, BP, Deutsche Bank, and Citigroup.


In 2004, she moved to London and launched her own marketing agency, Sarsaparilla Ltd. 


Here she continues to advise and train the world’s top creative leaders, including Grammy Award winning artists and C-level corporate leaders, on advanced marketing and other high-performance business strategies. ​ ​






HEROINES OF HOLLYWOOD reveals the women behind some of the most important cultural, economic, and technological advances of the past century.


From Mae West and Lucille Ball, to Barbra Streisand and Gal Gadot, your jaw will drop where you learn how these inspirational women rose to the top and how they left a powerful legacy that will last forever. 


You know their names; now learn their incredible untold stories.


Kim will also uncover 7 secrets to their success and how you can apply these lessons to empower your own life and business, whether you are a man or a woman!  





Whether you want to start your own business, lead your team to victory, or make your mark in history, "SUCCESS SECRETS FROM THE SILVER SCREEN" will give you the map and inspiration you need to overcome obstacles and start changing your life immediately! 

Kim shares her unique formula to make the impossible, possible, using her favourite movies such as Wonder Woman, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The King’s Speech, Dead Poet’s Society, and more, to demonstrate each point. 


TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATIONS LESSONS FROM THE MOVIES explores how film has been the driving force behind the biggest technological advances of the past century and how it continues to influence the future of modern innovation. 


From mobile phones to space travel, ideas that were once only possible through movie magic, have now become reality.


Join Kim to discover how scientists are looking to movies like Harry Potter, Star Trek, and West World, for the inspiration to create the inventions that will influence and impact our culture and society tomorrow. 


Instead of talking AT the audience, Kim interacts WITH the audience. Not only does this create a fun atmosphere, it also helps reinforce messages so that audiences can retain what they learn without the need for review.


Kim trained to be a Broadway performer    & received 3 degrees in business, music, & theatre performance, giving her the required skills to command a stage.



 These talks are more than just presentations. They are shows, full of well-crafted stories, genuine pathos,  and powerful messages that move spirits, inspire action, and generate permanent change. 


Kim's comedic style and ability to improvise, means that she can adapt to any situation. You can trust her to ensure that everyone leaves with a smile on their face and that your event is an amazing success.


Originally from New York, Kim moved to London 15 years ago giving her the perfect blend of straight-talking NYer and polished Brit. She has dual citizenship and is qualified to work in the US, EU, and UK making her the ideal choice for international events. 






René Carayol MBE

BBC Broadcaster

& CEO, Inspired Leader's Network

"Authentic, Dynamic, and Relevant – One of the greatest female speakers.” 

Helen Sisk

Peter Jones National Enterprise Academy

“Fascinating! Her passion, drive, and dedication left the audience feeling motivated and hungry for success."

Mark Biffen 

British Telecoms (BT)

"Kim really hit the right note with the audience. They were inspired and ready to take action on her useful advice."

Don't take our word for it. See what others have to say about Kim's powerful talks...



If you are looking to become a speaker, or if you just want to improve your presentation skills, Kim can help. She offers a wide range of private and group training courses to help you overcome fears and master the art of communication. 

Whether you are pitching to a client, presenting to group, recording YouTube videos or being interviewed by the press, excellent presentation skills are essential for success. 

Kim's courses are guaranteed to help make speaking easy and enjoyable so that you can make a bigger impact and motivate your audiences to take action.


To learn more about how Kim can help you become a better speaker and presenter, please contact us on bookings@kimberlydavis.co.uk.  



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